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new :o in all my gingerness 
Finally a new photo 

Nothing cheers me up like death metal 

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Makeup final as a human version of Shelob (spider from Lord of the Rings) 
been a while! Happy Halloween o(^▽^)o
GUYS. My Yuno cosplay was in a magazine! AND my shiro was in a clip from Heroes of Cosplay. I am dying right now >.< a shame though that they weren’t very good cosplays but it was my first con and the first time I did cosplay ahh hopefully next year I will be better at it. Though I do remember those shoes and how much of a pain they were… 
My favorite photo from my Gasai Yuno cosplay for Anime Expo 2013
I had an amazing time and met so many awesome people! I can’t wait for Japan Expo! 
For anime expo